5th anniversary of Dimebag’s passing


It was brought to my attention today from my friend Malastrana that today is the 5th anniversary of the tragic shooting death of “Dimebag Darrell” Abbott. Pretty much anything I’d have to say would be redundant stuff that’s been said time and again since his passing. There was no denying though the impact Dimebag’s music had. His style of shredding was unique but what really stood out in my mind is the hooks and riffs he came up with . Powerful and groove laden and yet to be matched to this day by anyone. So in honor of “Dimebag” here is a montage of vids of my favorite tracks illustrating just how bad ass Dime was.

That Devil Music would also like to convey condolences to the families of Jeff “Mayhem” Thompson,Erin Halk, and Nathan Bray who also lost their lives that day.


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