Devil's Review: Isolation in Infamy EP

Rarely do I find myself sitting down in front of my computer as much as I used to, evident to you because it’s been a while since I’ve actually contributed. But when all you do is go to work and come home to a hot apartment, you don’t want to do anything except smoke and watch the Twilight Zone while hugging a fan. But lucky for you guys, I got sent home early from work, so I decided to be constructive, lucky you. But fuck that, lets get serious guys. Technical Death Metal. The name alone makes me cringe, cause when I hear technical I hear soulless, just hours of sitting down and practicing guitar is what “technical” means to me. And then death metal alone is mostly unappealing to me, rarely do I find my gems. But Isolation in Infamy has appeal to me after listening to their self-titled EP a few times. So lets dive into this, and find out why I can not only bear to listen to it, but enjoy it.

So we start off with our first track Theory of Flight, and already I can tell why they’re called technical, the guitars are sweep the legs fast, the drums are unrelenting which I guess I should have already guessed. But then I come around 1:30 when I begin to notice something. For me whenever I come across tech anything, it’s just the guitars carrying it, but here everyone is carrying the weight. The drums change up every so often and actually play along with the guitars. There are some solid riffs in this song, so it’s not just sweep picking nonsense. The only thing that isn’t appealing to me so far is the vocals.

Psychological Bombardment. Quite fitting title for the song, for it is a literal bombardment of death metal to your face. And a thick crunchy bass line to along with this, most of the time the bass is low in the tracks for most death metal I have come across. The only thing is for this song, the drums kind of get repetitive and annoying about halfway. And for a brief few second they toned it down a notch before throwing you back into it.

And onto my favorite song off this, Unison of Beasts, which is also on our Compilation, so go download it! Kicks in with brutal riffing before stripped away by the ghastly screams. And what I love about this is that the technical isn’t up in your face. It’s just mostly death metal, with a hint of technical. And for me it’s a perfect combination. A fantastic solo about midway through the song and more was to come. Fantastic guitar playing at the very end being led by thick bass lines and destructive drumming.

Threshold, a lot of chugging and harmonics. And the last two songs Solitary Insanity and Inanimate Existence was more of the same from the first few tracks.

So overall my thoughts on the EP? I thought it was pretty solid. Not being a huge death metal fan and pretty much hating anything with the word tech in the genre, I thoroughly enjoyed this album. I have finally found what I was looking for, a good technical death metal band. So if you enjoy that kind of crap, I greatly suggest that you listen to Isolation in Infamy. Every instrument carries his own weight throughout each song, so it’s not like you’re listening to some guitar just drag on with the sweep picking and the chugging. My only complaint, the vocals, to me they were too high in the mix and too raw. But I’m just a picky bastard.
My Score 7/10 sins, solid kick ass EP, hope to see more.

P.S. Thanks to my friend Dave for getting me into contact with Mr. Chris Audish, and providing me with such awesome music, METAL!



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