Devil's Review: Breva – American Landscape


I’ve already let you know about Breva in a previous post when I heard them for the first time supporting FCC‘s record release show a few weeks ago. Well, I just happened to get a copy of their upcoming release entitled American Landscape, which comes out on September 20th.

Just as a reminder you can head to their Facebook page and like them to get a free download of a song off of this cd: seriously – do it! Even though I’ve already heard three studio recordings and their live performances I’m still going to talk about each individual track; new to me or not.


Track 1. Like A Snake.
Starts out with kind of a U2 vibe to it. Interesting up-tempo song. Kinda dips and weaves through multiple styles. It’s very different and I hear so many influences. Like I said the verses have a classic U2 feel to it and the vocal styling on the chorus reminds me a bit of like new Dokken or something.

Track 2. Straps & Locks.
Easily my favourite song of the tracks I’ve heard so far. This song kicks so much fucking ass. Seriously. The vocals are powerful yet melodic. The music is crunchy and aggressive with a Seattle Grunge feel to it. I abso-fucking-lutely love this song.

Track 3. Communing Now.
There is a definite grunge feel to this track. Vocals are in the spotlight for the verses with a haunting echo to it and the music is an ambient glow in the background. The song as a whole is pretty spectacular taking you on an up and down ride through musical awesomeness.

Track 4. Microchip Tooth.
This is another song I’ve already had (thanks to liking their Facebook page). This song starts of fucking hostile and winds its way through a haunting slightly softer section, switches into a bit of vocal distortion as it builds it’s way back to the aggressive style it started off with. The vocals are a hybrid of Chris Cornell/Phil Anselmo/Maynard and switch between styles with ease. The guitars and Bass are just as malleable. Sick track.

Track 5. Paper is Poverty.
Political song in the lyrical vein of Rise Against. The music is more akin to Tool or the Toadies; with stand-out Bass and Drum inflections that stick out and only playable by the most talented Air Drummers out there (and yes, you WILL air drum).

Track 6. Passing on.
Slower song, though not quite a ballad or anything like that. Sounds like a story-song or a poem. This is a very different song, fucking beautiful. I fucking love it.

Track 7. Can’t Say No.
This is the track you get if you head to their Facebook page, and I’m sure once you hear it you’ll head straight over to get it. It takes American Landscape back to the upper registers of aggression.
Definitely a head-bang/sing-a-long, devil horns in the fucking air song. Brilliant.

Track 8. Final Release.
Crunchy melody here with slightly distorted vocals. This is another one of those unique sounding songs. Very interesting. Andrew’s vocal skill is very apparent here.

Track 9. Plastic Coffins.
This track has a bit of a rock opera feel to it to start with. Sounds like another political protest/sick of the status-quo kind of song. You can tell they’re trying to make a point here and SAY something; definitely not bitching for the sake of bitching like a lot of anti-political themed songs go. Maybe anti-political is the wrong way to say it; let’s say it’s more of a “I’m frustrated at how things are/they need to change” kind of song. Not high and mighty though. It’s well balanced so it doesn’t come off as aggressively preachy.

Track 10. The Stairs.
Here I get a Geoff Tate feel to his vocals. Great way to end this album.

The packaging for the album is pretty unique. The “cd case” is really a folded mini-poster that has the peg to hold your cd on. Pretty sick idea there and as far as I’ve seen this is a first for something like
this or at least it’s new to me. The album as a whole is entertaining and eclectic mashing together a multitude of styles yet the finished product is entirely unique swerving away from the cookie-cutter
bullshit you hear on the radio.

The biggest draw or me with this band is the songwriting as well as the exceptional talent each of the guys in Breva possess. They definitely have a firm grasp on what it takes to craft brilliant music while playing to their strengths and skills.

Seriously, and I can’t stress this enough, go and check this band! Support bands like this and buy their music.

Of course, one of the best ways to get your hands on this AMAZING cd is at their shows! Breva will be performing at Folsom Live (in Sacramanto, CA) on Sept 24th! Your perfect opportunity to get the CD and meet the band. I am completely serious when I say that these guys are some of the best live performers I’ve ever seen!

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