Couldn’t Make It To Wacken This Year? This Might Help A Little.

On my bucket list is not only to visit Europe before I get too old and infirmed or even die but to also attend the Wacken Festival while there. But since I’m a lowly civil servant just trying to get my kids through school and also on this side of the pond I’m like many of you every year bitter because we’re Americans and stuck with Mayhem and Warped tours. So it was pretty nice to see full sets of some of the bands I’d be interested or marginally interested in seeing if I had been able to be there show up on Youtube. I will share those with you now. After you watch these head over to Steff Metal and check out her coverage of being from New Zealand and able to make the trip over there to get an idea of what it’s like. The wench(I only say that with jealousy and love).

Let’s start with some Blind Guardian. I mean come on, Wacken is in Germany and what would be the best representative to kick things off then the home team? I like some of Blind Guardians stuff but they fall into that category more often then not of a band I want to like but can’t get into. My loss is your gain here. And I still say Hansi is morphing into Peter Gabriel in appearance.

Nest up We have Sepultura. I like the old stuff and Kairos is getting better then expected reviews by myself and Scott. Check out their set here. At this point I don’t think the Cavaleras brothers really need to reunite. Solid live set.

Next we have a 11 minute video of Morbid Angel’s set. I couldn’t find the full set. But this could be interesting considering the universally panned comeback album they just released.

The mighty Motorhead. This goes without saying. Except I doubt seriously the band played only a 12 minute set. Youtube uploaders, don’t bullshit on your titles. Still it’s a fun 12 minutes.

And we finish off with Iced Earth’s appearance which, depending on if this stays true, is Matt Barlow’s final appearance with the band…like ever. After this set starts the Stu block era.


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