I Learn Something Everyday. Apparently Leatherwolf Is Still Around

Perusing Blabbermouth I was taken a bit aback at this bit of news. Apparently Leatherwolf is still around. Who is Leatherwolf you might ask? Well in the mid to late 80’s they were a one of many L.A. metal bands that got MTV play time on Headbangers Ball every once in awhile and I actually owned the self titled album which apparently was the second album but given the same name. I know pretty confusing. Regardless they had some good tunes and even though they had the hair were a pretty solid band. I liked a few tracks of theirs so it would be kind of cool to see them make a full fledged comeback. I guess they’re working on a live DVD from a performance 2 years ago and supposedly working on a new studio album. I wish them luck. Here are videos of two of their biggest hits from the 80’s after the jump.


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