More Legacy of Disorder Album Details Revealed.

Back in April I talked about my friends in Legacy of Disorder releasing some artwork and a single for the new album ‘Last Man Standing’. Looks like they’re finally about to release this puppy soon as today the above album cover artwork was revealed and also the track listing. It’ll be nice to see this going as I’ve been following them since last year and it’s been since 2008 on the previous album. Now all they need to do is get some shows played in support of this and it’ll be all set. I may have some leads on that front, guys, so hit me up if you read this. Anyways, here is the track list after the jump and the exclusive look at the track ‘Break’ from the album.

1. Thorns
2. Punish All
3. March To Death
4. Last Man Standing
5. This Time
6. Break
7. Hell Tonight
8. Impaler
9. Warrior Gene
10. Came To Fight
Plus Four bonus demo tracks to be included.

The album is produced by Sterling Whitfield who also did work on Pantera and Hellyeah albums so the album should sound pretty good. If you want to hear Legacy of Disorder’s older material they have a track on that Devil Music’s compilation which you can download here if you haven’t already. Over a thousand people already have:)


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