Devil Music A-Z: Mortemia

Ahhhh…Mortem Veland. Gothic symphonic metal dude extraordinaire. Anybody familiar with Tristania or Sirenia should be familiar with Mortem’s work. Mortemia (not sure what the fascination with ending every project with ‘ia’ is)was yet another side project of his that did not involve a woman singing clean vocals. Instead it was orchestral parts, lots of metal, Mortem’s trademark growls and a male choir on many parts. So far only one album has been released and though I actually enjoyed it more then Mortem’s other projects, Draeden gave it a fairly negative review. Whatever, that guy also likes IWABO, Van Canto, and In This Moment so take it for what it’s worth;) So I’m looking forward to some future releases from this project. Anything will be better then Sirenia’s last effort which Draeden gave a glowing review for. See there are times where our planets are not in alignment. For now enjoy the one official video for ‘The One I Once Was’ off the Misre Mortem album.


0 responses to “Devil Music A-Z: Mortemia

  1. I don’t know how many times I can say this.. I didn’t NOT like Mortemia’s first album. The music was awesome. I only had a problem at the repetitiveness of the album as a whole. Almost every song sounded the same to me.. There was no variation at all throughout the album… It he had released an EP or a single with a couple extra songs, then I would have RAVED about it.. But 10 songs that sound the same is just too much.

    IWABO and ITM – FTW! 😀

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