Devil's Interview: Troy Lucketta of Tesla

As many of you may or may not know we recently held a contest to give away a stash of Tesla swag. Well as an added bonus I was able to get consent for an interview with the band or in this case one member of the band. It appears it fell to drummer Troy Lucketta to give a go at answering my questions. So here is the conversation with a member of probably one of the best known bands that we’ve done yet as I grill him about Tesla’s career and a bit about the Sacramento region. After the jump.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions

First of all it goes without saying but congratulations on 25 years in the business. Would you consider that concept cool, strange, surreal or all of the above?

Absolutely, not many bands can say that. Staying together takes a lot of work, understanding and respect.

The release of Twisted Wires is a celebration of this feat. How did you guys go about coming up with the tracks and in the manner in which they were presented?

Some old stuff we had recorded when Tommy was in the band, and we put some new tracks together as well. We wanted to get something out till we can get to the new studio record/CD

At a time when it seemed like L.A. ruled the roost how do you explain a little old band from Sacramento achieving such success?

Staying together, and working hard. We did clean things up quite a bit as well.

How did the idea for Five Man Acoustical Jam come about and do you have any good behind the scenes stories about that show?

It was live in a club, and it was one of the 5 shows we did for that music. We just kind of went out to have some fun, and it was a pleasant surprise.

MTV had a knack for lumping every band that had long hair and power chords together. What was your reaction to being lumped in with hair metal bands and looking back has that reaction changed at all?

Nothing has changed, we are fine with it, it was an era, and a good one at that.

Fast forwarding to recent events, can you give us an update on the fire that took out your recording studio? How much did you guys lose and how has the recovery come along?

That was at Brian’s, no one got hurt and for the most part, didn’t really lose anything personal.

Do you guys still keep in touch with Tommy Skeoch and if so how is he doing?

I think Jeff spoke with him recently, you would have to ask him.

Can you talk a bit about the mid to late 90’s? What ultimately lead to the hiatus of Tesla and how did the reformation occur?

we just simply to a break, and we all got a phone call from Pat Martin DJ at 93 Rock and they asked us to do there Octoberfest/Halloween bash in 2000 and we did and decided to continue and have some fun. So here we are.

My good friend Draeden would like to know about The Pus Cavern All Stars project and the song Happy Christmas (War is Over). How was that experience and are there any other plans to do something like that again?


(Here is the song for those unaware – Rob)

Speaking of side projects, I know Brian has a Soul Motor and Frank has (had?) the Mad Dog Mane project. Are there any other projects the guys are working on when not doing the Tesla thing?

Troy is doing a new Keith Emerson record in Munich Germany next month with the philharmonic, should be great. Dave Rude has his own band, we all keep pretty busy.

There appears to be a buildup of talent coming out of Sacramento lately. How would you assess the current music landscape in Sacramento compared to 20 years ago?

Ask Brian Wheat I live in Nashville area. Sorry!

I read somewhere years ago that Jeff was a truck driver previous to joining Tesla and would practice singing along to the radio. Is there any truth to this and is this considered an acceptable form of training to be a front man for a rock band?:P

That is all true and a great story

Of all the videos you guys filmed over the years which were the favorite to make? My favorite is actually Need Your Lovin’. Funny stuff.

Love Song, that was a great day

(Here is my video pick as favorite -Rob)

Here are a couple of local questions for fun. What happened to Cal Expo and concerts? My first concert was seeing Judas Priest there in ’86 and then it seemed not long after that the concerts stopped. Was that Arco Arena’s fault?

Don’t know

I actually live in Fairfield. Any thoughts on my city? Be honest, I’ll know if you’re being too nice.

No thought’s

When can we expect a collaboration with Creedence Clearwater Revisited or John Fogarty?

That would be great, put it together

Alright, serious time again. Are there any future goals or plans for Tesla now that 25 years has gone by?

Yes, more music and more tours.

What would you like Tesla’s legacy to be when the time comes to call it a day?

It’s already there, it’s the catalogue.

That Devil Music is currently hosting a contest giving away some cool Tesla gear. Any message you want to give to the winner?

yeah, Congratulations, you are the winner.

And finally any last words or promotions to the readers and fans? Here is your chance to pimp yourselves out even more. Fire Away!

Thanks for all the great years, we are truly greatful

Thanks again guys for taking the time to chat. I hope this wasn’t an excruciating experience. Here’s to another 25 years

I’ll leave it to you guys to decide how this interview went but I do have to say that at while I usually try to go for questions that are outside of the norm to make it interesting for the subject that maybe my verbage this time didn’t allow for better answers. Regardless this interview with Troy has the distinction for being in my opinion the worst interview yet to be posted. And that’s disappointing considering the massive amounts of support from the fans I sifted through to conduct the contest. Those folks deserve better. So what did you think of this interview?


5 responses to “Devil's Interview: Troy Lucketta of Tesla

  1. The interview questions were fine. I think Troys dog must have died or something. People do have bad days, and unfortunately, Troy sounds like he was thinking of better things to do that day,

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