Devil Music A-Z : Motley Crue

Ah Motley Crue. The measure to which all glam bands lived by especially in the L.A. area. I became aware of them during the release of Shout At the Devil. That album had the balance of shocking looks (for that time) and just ballsy, heavy music. I had the posters and the shirts and because of the pentagram caused my mother to call the music I listen to by this websites namesake. They were probably my first favorites and sadly after that album would never be again.They went from that look to this.

Which seemed alot less masculine. Probably because of the spikes and leather for lace and spandex. And it didn’t help that none of the songs had anywhere near the raw power on them as they did before with the exception of maybe Louder then Hell. A balance of sorts was found with the followup Girls, Girls, Girls though again it was more focused on the fun rock then being edgy. The one and only time I ever saw the Crue live was for this tour and it wasn’t a bad show. By the time Dr. Feelgood was released hundreds of bands were already emulating them by image or sound so I really had no interest by then.

Subsequent releases I completely ignored and of late the band is living off of their infamy more then the music it seems. Vince Neil is still driving drunk, Tommy Lee is still an idiot manchild at close to 50, Nikki Sixx is still an arrogant rock star, and poor Mick is deteriorating health wise slowly as time goes by. No doubt though the band has had massive influence over the decades to the point where buttholes like these guys are emulating their image.

if not the sound. So here are some of my favorite tracks from an era I wish had lasted a bit longer.

Here is why their performance at the US festival wasn’t televised back in the day. Horrible performance but being 13 I didn’t care.


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