Looks Like Woods of Ypres Need A Drummer And A Bassist Stat!

Found this on the Facebook page and immediately proceeded to go to the ultimate forum page. What a wacky world the metal music industry is. These guys just get signed to Earache and re-release their past albums and now it looks like the drummer and bass player have left? I guess I would have known if this is an old development or not if I had ever received my interview questions back from the guys. Regardless, if you want to play for a blackened doom band here is your chance.

The Ontario based black & doom metal band WOODS OF YPRES seek drummer and bassist for shows, touring and future recordings.

Please send all serious inquires to: davidypres@gmail.com

Thank you!

DG – w/

So there you go. Somebody hurry up and join this band because I know alot of people are wondering when the next album was ever going to get made.

*Update* According to David Gold himself the new album is due out in January 2012 so we can look forward to that. And the lookout for new members is not the result of any drama. My words above were put down as more of a plea for information since I had not received back an interview from a few months ago then anything and was unaware of any roster shifts. Sometimes words get lost in translation as the inflections are not there in print.


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