More Reasons To Get Spotify If You Don't Already Have It.

When this whole Spotify thing came to the U.S. I was curious and I only played with it for a few minutes before wrote it off as more trouble than it was worth spending the time to figure out. About two weeks later there was all the drama between Metalsucks and Century Media. The same day Earache announced that they were putting their entire catalog on Spotify. All that time I was under the impression that you couldn’t stream any music on there unless you had a paid account. So here I am a month or so down the road and I absolutely love Spotify just because of the streaming music aspect of it. There is a shit-ton of music on here that I would never buy but would listen to every now and again, like the Opeth String tribute, The Ms. Fits (All girl tribute band) and the Fade To Bluegrass Metallica tributes. I mean there so much stuff on here that you would never think. Old Cheech and Chong records, children’s music, the whole shebang! Of course there are other reasons that I like it to, like the fact that every time I add new music to the folder it watches, it adds it without me having to do a damn thing. Those are just a few reasons as a music fan to check out Spotify. You can also read Hemoptysis frontman Masaki Murashita’s take on Spotify. Now I just use Spotify at the house, but if I had one of those smart phones with 4G and all the app shit, I would definitely get Spotify on there as well. If you need a Spotify invite so you don;t have to wait or pay, just search Google. Sometimes they partner up with other companies and give away invites.


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