New Insomnium Track ‘Unsung’ Makes Me Happy In The Pants

If somebody tells you metal isn’t mood music they’re full of crap. Things have been hectic away from this for the past couple of weeks so my frustration level has been on high. Along comes this released track from Insomnium’s new album ‘One for Sorrow’ and it’s fantastic. Actually I’ve been on a prog/melodic/tech death metal kick lately anyways so this style of metal is perfect for my mood for some reason. Regardless, if the song ‘Unsung’ is any indication of what the rest of the album will be like then this could honestly be my favorite release by them. Observe.

October can’t come soon enough.


0 responses to “New Insomnium Track ‘Unsung’ Makes Me Happy In The Pants

  1. It was good til they started the screaming shit. Why is it that none of the new hard rockers ever SING? Why they gotta fuckin SCREAM all the time? It bugs the shit out of me when I start listening to a song that sounds good from the beginning, and then some screaming dickhead’s gotta ruin the whole damn thing!

  2. Insomnium falls into the category of melodic death metal and part of that style is the guttural growls. I used to be firmly against it and thought the same as you that music gets ruined because of it. But the more I listened the more used to it I got to the point now I’m actually grading these vocalists on how well they do. Mind you there are styles of metal where there is actually screeching and screaming that I’m still against but if a death metal vocalist has a good tone to their roar and are coherent I’m all for it.

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