Devil Music A-Z: Motorhead

Life away from here has been hectic and so yet once again this project has been put on hold. Until now. Actually while I’ve been mostly away from posting stuff I found out that RSS Graffiti, which informs people on Facebook when there is a new post, decided to fail almost 6 days ago. So I’ve redone it and this thing is more of a test to see if that functions again. But hey, it’s time to talk about the legendary Motorhead while I’m here. Honestly I’ve been a casual Motorhead listener for years. Motorhead is kind of like post Bon Scott AC/DC where I’ll enjoy listening to a song but I get fatigued listening for too long to much more then that because honestly from 1982 to present the formula has always been the same with the band. And it can get old real quick. A shuffle band if you will. But there is no denying the longevity of Lemmy and the guys….well mostly Lemmy. And I understand the appeal of his dirty don’t give a fuck lyrics. Motohead does one thing and one thing only and they do it well. they will never change their style because if they did it’d be weird as fuck anyway. So here’s to Motorhead and many more years of alcohol fueled tunes about taking no shit and lying women. After the jump is a couple of songs that are sort of outside the norm that I do enjoy more then others plus an original piece that was later covered by a famous thrash band that made me want to listen to more Motorhead.


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