Devil’s Interview: Ross Thompson of Van Canto


Labor Day offers no rest for the wicked. I was up bright and early to meet Ross Thompson of Van Canto in cyberspace to chat about the band, the music and their upcoming release; Break the Silence. I had a blast talking to Ross and if I were more awake than I was, it would have shown.. So here it is – enjoy! (ps. I apologize to Manowar, Ross and the rest of Van Canto… Though I truly did know the answer, my brain was still slush when asked the name of the Manowar song Inga sang on BTS.. it’s Master of the Wind, NOT “Higher Wind”.. I suck.)

Break the Silence releases on September 23 through Napalm Records. Definitely go out and get this album, it’s brilliant!


0 responses to “Devil’s Interview: Ross Thompson of Van Canto

  1. That interview overall turned out pretty good. His responses pretty much confirm what I always thought which was to not take this band seriously because they don’t. Sounds like one of those things that just took off without intending too. I’m just glad there are not a bunch of clones running around. Also….I laughed pretty good at “raka taka motherfuckers!”.

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