Evile – Cult Video. More Testament/Metallica Love Going on Here.

Evile have premiered their first video from their upcoming album, Five Serpent’s Teeth on Vevo. ‘Cult’, the first single from the new album (I think it’s the first single) has a real Metallica/Testament feel going on here. That’s not to say that it’s not a cool song, but that’s the feeling I get when I listen to it. Evile, while a cool modern thrash band, are not super original, but what modern thrash bands are. Again, I’m not trying to be negative, just speaking the truth. Rob will probably get the promo for this album long before I do, so I don;t know which one of us will be reviewing it, if at all. I’m sure it will be a solid album. There are some comments from the band from the official press release, after the fold.



You can download the ‘Cult’ single on iTunes HERE.


EVILE lead guitarist OL DRAKE comments:

“Finally, another Evile video! It’s been so long since ‘Infected Nation’ and we couldn’t wait to get another video out and try something completely different. The director, Ramy, had all the right ideas for us to achieve something off the wall that we were looking for this time around. ‘Cult’ is quite a solid, stomping song, so we wanted something to capture that visually without the typical ‘shaking’ effect. Hope you all like it, and hope you all enjoy Five Serpent’s Teeth, out on September 26th (October 18th in the USA) – spread the word!”

EVILE vocalist/rhythm guitarist MATT DRAKE adds:

“As we have often said, we like to do things a bit differently and occasionally side-step the typical or obvious, so here is our video for the first single, ‘Cult’, from our new album Five Serpent’s Teeth. We hope you enjoy it and have a laugh with it. Most of all, we hope this song will convince you to JOIN OUR CULT. I’m glad I remembered to clean my teeth before we filmed this.”


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  1. Yeah I’ve been sitting on the BEEPED (I hate that shit)promo for awhile now. I should have a review up in the coming days however there is a certain /swedish band that will be taking my attention first.

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