Opeth Perform Two Songs From Heritage On Swedish TV.

I think I speak for Rob when I say that we are both enjoying the new Opeth album, Heritage, very much. I’m sure Rob is planning on posting his review some time in the future as am I. The album is far from what most expect from Opeth, but we were warned awhile back by Mikael Akerfeldt that it wasn’t going to be your typical Opeth album. We’ll cover more of that later on though, but you’ll get both of our takes on it. Anyway, opeth took part in an interview on Swedish TV’s “Nyhetsmorgon”. I have no clue about this program, but if this is the kind of stuff that is covered on TV in Sweden, I’m living in the wrong country. Check out the first song from Heritage, ‘Nepenthe’. You can see them perform the bonus track ‘Pyre’ after the fold. Also, if you haven’t already heard the album, you can stream the whole thing over at NPR.org.

(Source: Opeth’s Facebook)


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