Dream Theater ‘On the Back of Angels’ Video Released.

Sometimes timing kind of sucks. Dream Theater released the first video off the new album A Dramatic Turn of Events today through Yahoo of all places and I wish it had been released about a week sooner. Namely before I had posted my review on the album. Typically I like to if possible add these things so people can get an idea of what I’m rambling about. Regardless this video is pretty good with it’s mix of live performance and video footage of socially conscious events and CGI stuff. The CGI parts are pretty well done and overall it looks like some effort was put into this video. Unlike others that just release lyric videos(Machine Head). The song is one of the tracks that I enjoyed to some extent but has that aggravating aspect of starting out in an epic fashion and then petering out, namely during Labrie’s parts. Check it out below.

I promise that soon we will move on to other items to talk about in the coming weeks. I don’t want people to think this is a prog metal haven and all we talk about is Mastodon, Dream Theater, and Opeth but quite frankly there is a whole lot of nothing else going on right now of note. If there is let me know.


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