The Project Hate MCMXCIX Splits With Season of Mist. Asks Fans to Donate For New Album

*Editors Note*
For the sake of a full blown argument in the comments I have edited this article to just be a news item on the future of the Project Hate. My initial response to this news item was basically “No shit you’re not selling music because you don’t go out on tour like other bands do and sell merch and cd’s and get more exposure for yourself”. As it stands the band members or at least Lord K himself at least hold down regular jobs that pay the bills and TPH is a spare time venture. So in that context the below block quotes make more sense. And Lord K was gracious enough to clarify for me in the comments. So if you are a fan of The Project Hate MCMXCIX then shoot them some cash if you want a new album to come out in the future. They really do put out some great music. Just don’t ever let Lord K know if you don’t like it. He doesn’t handle adversity or criticism well.

Lord K Philipson posted a lengthy article on the band’s website detailing a split from Season of Mist and why and ruminations on the future of the band. Currently work is being done on the followup to Bleeding the New Apocalypse featuring new female vocalist Ruby Rocque and in the midst of this they drop from one of my favorite labels.

As we suspected, our collaboration with Season Of Mist is no more. We thank them so much for believing in us and for putting our name out there better than any of the other labels we have been on. I was sure this was going to happen, though, that’s why I have tried to get an answer from them about this during the last month or two now when I am in the middle of composing for the next recording. The reason why I wanted to check this so early is becoz I didn’t wanna end up with an album’s worth of excellent material and then find out they can’t release it, meaning the stuff would be delayed for months and months and months before you get to hear it. That’s not how Chuck Norris would have worked it, you know.

I know there was a problem with pre-orders being delivered during the release of Bleeding the New Apocalypse so this seems reasonable.After the jump is some key quotes.

So, why the split? It’s certainly not due to second-level music. We wouldn’t know how to create such crap. And it’s certainly not becoz we didn’t get amazing reviews for our latest album “Bleeding the new apocalypse”, coz we sure did. The simple truth is – we sell 1/10 of what we used to do some 5-10 years back. And we’re not the only ones in this situation, unfortunately. And what’s the cause for this? You already know what it is – illegal downloading. The majority of people simply do not give a fuck about buying actual albums anymore, meaning the bands sell less, the labels don’t get their invested money back and ultimately this leads to said labels not being able to take chances since they know they’ll lose money. As said, you already know this, I need not elaborate much further. Some claim that “the music is out there for you to take” and “sharing is caring”. Sure, if the band do so by free will, like we do in Torture Division, I have no problem with it. But unfortunately TPH can’t record our stuff for free to have it meet the standards we want.

The TPH Donation Experiment is on, that is the bottom line. And this time it will run until we reach our goal that we need to finance the next recording. So how much do we need in all to bring this album into reality? Around 25.000-35.000 SEK. That’s around 4000-5000 dollars, or something. Will we get to that? No fucken idea. That all depends on you who give a shit about another TPH album. There’s still quite some time before we will record it (follow the process on the writing on this site and our forums), but the plans have always been to do it during 2012, and considering how excellent the composing is going – it’s safe to say it will happen if the funds are there. I would NEVER rip anyone off, you know this by now. If we see that during this time up until when we plan to start tracking the album, we don’t reach the goal for the money needed – all money will be returned to their donators. I will also keep you updated how the donations are stacking up, if they are that is. And I’ll do it by every 200 dollars coming in so you know where we are at. Have this been tried before? To have fans and supporters of the band actually make the album happen, even if it’s not a physical product? Did it work in the past, if so? Will it work now? I don’t know… I have no fucken idea at all actually, but it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of it, and perhaps it’s a sign of what’s to come for the future. 6 million years from now people might say “- Hey, remember those Swedes and that Portuguese gal from TPH? They did some real groundbreaking shit back in the day!”. Then again, maybe not, huh? Anyways, you feel this is something that is doable? It’s all in your hands now.

If you wanna be a part of this experiment, the best way to make your donations would obviously be thru PayPal at

No matter how much or how little you donate, when the album is recorded, mixed and mastered (sometime in 2012) we’ll hand you a download link for it (just hand us your e-mail that we can save for this occasion) and then it’s up to you to do what you want with it when you have it. Keep it to yourself, spread it, treasure it like your bastard child, tell people they can have it from you if they donate a buck to cancer research or our next recording, whatever you see fit suits us fine. This business never made us much money in the first place, but today it doesn’t even get us enough money to record the music we burn for and believe you deserve to hear. That’s how it looks at this level. It’s very, very sad, “but it is what it is” as UFC head honcho Dana White would say. If this doesn’t work, then “Bleeding the new apocalypse” was the last album you got to hear from us, obviously. That just wouldn’t be fair to anyone. No, seriously – it wouldn’t.

We’ll see where this leads eventually. In the meantime, I have some music to write.

Thanx for the support so far, Haters. It’s very appreciated.


0 responses to “The Project Hate MCMXCIX Splits With Season of Mist. Asks Fans to Donate For New Album

  1. Thanx for spreading the word and for letting us know it’d be quite easy to gather all the guests we have had on our albums from all over the world and go out to do some touring. We never thought of that.

  2. Thanks for showing up as expected. Look, I’m not trying to pick a fight but the above is the perception I have. From where I sit I see a ton of bands that play live with people that did not appear on the albums. That just seems like an excuse to not tour because you can’t bring all of the originals back. Your set would probably be what? 45 minutes to an hour tops? But, you’d have a merch table that could offset the cost of making the albums and maybe even come out ahead. And I find it hard to believe that a label like Season of Mist couldn’t assist with that. It’s a tough existence but it’s what alot of bands have to do to exist. And I’m talking bands with a wider fanbase then TPH has.

    If the Project Hate is a side thing to another full time job then I rescind much of what I said above. I can totally relate to having a full time job and doing this as a side thing. But if this is the primary thing then I can’t see how you expect to sustain with the model of having people donate money to create an album and then not care about the payback when it’s complete. And to point fingers about why you are doing this and then play into the hands of the targets is a bit ridiculous to me.

    I thoroughly enjoy what TPH puts out on the music front. I also respect the fact that you are trying to take and maintain control of your brainchild. But I’d hate to see the Project fold because you are too controlling and not humble enough to do what is necessary to keep going.

  3. It looks like you think TPH is something that I live off? Are you fucken kidding me? And yes, I work full-time, 40 hours a week, 2 shifts. So, this is obviously something I do in my free time becoz I love it. And when you actually imply that it’d be easy for us to tour, but we don’t do it becoz “You just don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of doing a tour cycle” I wanna punch you in the face until I fall asleep. You have no idea how TPH works, obviously. I have stated this a thousand fucken times – why we don’t play live anymore. But just for you I’ll do it again.

    After our last gig in 2003 we decided we wanted to make TPH very complex, bringing in tons of guests to add their magic to our formula. We decided to put layers and layers of guitars playing different things on top of each other, meaning being able to recreate it live would take an army of guitarists here and there in certain sections. We’d also have to bring in people like Martin van Drunen for his parts, Christian Älvestam for his parts, Jo Bench for her parts, Mike Wead for his solos, Deadlock’s Sebastian Reichl for his stuff, Emperor Magus Caligula’s got his share to do, and so on and so on. Not to mention the lesser known people who’ve done stuff with us over the albums since we’d wanna reproduce it as we recorded it. That’s EXACTLY why we decided to do this – to make it everything we wanted it to be and not being able to bring it to the stage since we made the decision not to. I don’t know, but it might sound like a walk in the park to you to arrange this. Oh, and don’t forget that the schedules would have to work. FOR EVERYONE. And we all have these little things called full time jobs, but hey – maybe you can sort that too while you’re at it, I don’t know.

    That you actually imply we sell 1/10 of the records today compared to 10 years ago BECOZ WE DON’T TOUR is fucken ridiculous. We didn’t tour back then either. Go figure. Illegal downloading has nothing to do with the decrease in sales then, huh? I didn’t fucken know that. Thanx for explaining everything to me. You also do not seem to understand that it’s not like the labels piss down money on you to go touring at this level. It shouldn’t be too hard arranging this now when I think about it. Any label would gladly also pay for all these people to be able to join us on the stage, the people we would need to do to be able to recreate TPH of today (or hey, the TPH of the last 8 years or so) on stage. The little fact that we made the decision. Oh, and rehearsing wouldn’t be too complicated either considering we all live in the same town and country. Or lemme see, no – we don’t. But hey, maybe we can illegally download instructions as for how to work this so you’re satisfied.

    I don’t think you actually have a fucken clue how TPH works, no matter how much you stress you like our music. And it’s ok, fuck can I do about it? You clearly believe we do not tour becoz we “don’t wanna deal with the hassle”. Wow, man… that’s rich as hell. You might have forgotten that we all play/have played in other bands too, bands that actually toured or are touring yet today. Still we decided we wanted to take TPH on another route, not any other other band, just TPH, and that is obviously something you cannot accept. We just don’t wanna “deal with the hassle”. Nice work, kid.

    And lemme see here, you had some other input too (yeah, we’ll post this over at our website and forums as well so you’re not going to think we are too lazy to deal with the hassle.

    Band does not tour.

    Exactly. We do not tour. We do not play gigs. Haven’t done so since 2003. I have also explained why and today is not the first time I have done so.

    Band is extremely arrogant about their product.

    And now we are arrogant about our product? Becoz we let people do what they what with our eventual product that they helped creating? I think you are being arrogant to the fucken world by even saying something like that.

    Band parts ways with a respectable label

    Yeah, we did. And it’s not like we called them up and said “Hey, fuck you. We’re out of here, you guys suck the cocks of lamas”. If you read the statement you’ll see why we parted ways with them. It has to do with sales. And it’s all about us not touring so we get it now.

    Blames illegal downloading for no album sales.

    Weird, huh? That sure has nothing to do with it.

    Claims recording albums is too expensive and wants fans to pay for the creation process

    I don’t know what the fuck you are working as, but feel free to help out paying for the recording if it’s not a problem. We don’t expect ANYONE to pay for the recording, we simply handed out the option to see if it even is doable. If it works – amazing. If not – well… I know, I am a fucken narcissistic asshole for not paying 2 months salary myself to record this album and then just give it to you. I should also set up a gig in your living room, just for you. Damn, I’m an asshole.

    Does not care what happens to the final product after release.

    Go fuck yourself.

    Band still wants the word spread about them

    I don’t even know what to say about that.

    So, while we all go back to our day jobs and create music in the free time I hope you are doing fantastic and that you get all the music you can ever wish for – FOR FREE. Everything should be free. I need to phone some studios now and tell’em to actually give us free studio time for the next recording. I mean, I obviously just devote myself to this becoz I don’t wanna deal with “the hassle of touring”.

    Nice, sir. real nice.

    I’m done with this. Either you understand it or you don’t. Whichever way, stay awesome.

  4. Sifting through your temper tantrum you are absolutely correct. I did not fully realize how TPH works. . As I stated in my reply I rescind(take back) my comments in the article now knowing that TPH is not the main source of living.
    I’d return fire and clarify some of my comments but there is no need to drag this out. You’ve answered my criticisms. And since you handle adversity and criticism so well I will now edit this article to strike my comments in between as they pertain to the touring aspect of the band. Good luck on this next phase of TPH. I see that 200 dollars has been donated already so you’re off to a good start.

  5. Seems to me like fans would be more inclined to give you money if you stopped acting like a douche and acting like you’re God’s gift to music.

    “I wanna punch you in the face until I fall asleep”???? I would punch myself in the face repeatedly if I ever had the inkling to ever want to listen to you or your band, Lord Douche-bag. Threatening fans – my, my, my… how benevolent of you.

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