Ana Kefr Show Cancelled Near Tupelo Due to Christianity And a Slight Chance of Protesting

And Kefr’s first tour has hit a snag already thanks to a bunch of backwater christian zealots who would rather have people be homeless or hungry then have a bunch of infidels come and play to raise money for them. The October 11th date on the Zephyr tour had to be relocated to Miami Florida. Here is the quote from Rhiis Lopez on what went down.

“We’re seriously disappointed that we’ve been forced to re-schedule our October 11 date in Tupelo, and apologize to fans who were planning to attend. This was to be a benefit show, organized by a local non-profit organization to raise relief funds for victims of natural disasters in Mississippi. There were 3 other bands scheduled to support us on the show and now all 4 bands have found themselves shut out from the opportunity. Apparently, to the owner of Good Time Charlie’s and numerous others who flooded the promoter with hate and intolerance on our account, aiding victims of natural disasters is trumped by whether or not one believes in their merciful and benevolent religion. Their vicious stupidity only further strengthens and reinforces the truth of ANA KEFR, and it is a shame that faith must come before charity and philanthropy.”

Cheer up guys. You may not be able to do good things for people in the eyes of their god, but you get to fucking party in Miami Florida instead. That’s got to count for something right? Honestly I’m not surprised by this. Check out this excerpt from the interview we did awhile back. Foreshadowing anyone?

We’ve had some Christians chattering on the Internet over our lyrics or activities, and I was accused of being a Satanist (I’m not, by the way) but nothing too substantial yet. I think the keyword there is ‘yet.’

We can take the yet out of there now. I’m sure the more the band travels in the bible belt the more this kind of thing is going to happen. Frankly I’m actually amazed that someone gave enough of a shit to actually do research on the band and rally the rest of the townsfolk against this. That’s pretty impressive for a region that still flies the Confederate flag.
Rhiis also had this to say:

“We are looking forward to our first U.S. national tour, and can’t wait to meet and make new fans and friends. To our fans in Tupelo – one way or another, we can and will overcome this. See you all on the road!”

Isn’t there a christian song called “We shall overcome”? Maybe if you start off your set with that it’ll get better:)


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  1. Leave it up to the bible-thumpers to fuck with great music.. We’ve seen it time and time again.. Take Footloose for example… Proof positive..

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