Jeff Loomis Finally Speaks Up About Split with Nevermore

Back in July Warrel Dane was part of an interview for the Progpower USA show in Atlanta and it went into great detail about the split in the band and in the article I stated that I really wanted to hear Jeff’s side of the story. Well the time has come via Metalsucks. Keep in mind that in the time between Warrel’s interview and Jeff’s interview there has been some shit slinging going on mostly from the Warrel camp. So with that in mind check out the interview over at MS and see how a professional answers the tough and direct answer of what happened. What gets reinforced here is that the band has always been split into two factions and it finally came to a head. I have a Nevermore A-Z coming up where I’ll go more into my fandom of the band and my thoughts on the future. In the meantime I’m pretty stoked to see what Jeff comes up with on his new solo album and as an interesting side note in this interview Jeff makes mention of Christine Rhoades performing and writing on 4 songs on the new solo album. She was the lovely lady on Warrel’s arm when we met outside of Slim’s at the concert I attended last year. So I’m not sure if she’s just friends with the whole band regardless of the split or not. But still should be interesting hearing her sing some more on Jeff’s project.


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