Devil’s Review: Evile – Five Serpents Teeth

I’ve been sitting on this album for quite a long time now. And that’s actually a good thing because it gave me multiple chances to listen and form a solid opinion of the album. Even with the fact that it was one of those aggravating beeped promos that are actually sort of a deterrent to a proper listening experience for review purposes. I came into this album with some trepidation at the beginning due to the fact that I was disappointed in the band’s second effort ‘Infected Nations’. The debut ‘Enter the Grave’ was a great homage to the classic Slayer and Metallica era and Infected just seemed to be plodding and tired in comparison. So I chalked it up to a sophomore slump. If I had reviewed this album when I first got it I probably would have given it less praise then I’m about to in a minute. Mostly this was due to outside influences and a case of music apathy at the time. But upon further listens when my mood improved clarity showed up and what we have is a fine slab of thrash from the blokes in England.

If you’ve never heard of Evile but like thrash you might be saying to yourself “England?”. Yes that’s right, even though thrash was born in California and for the most part the revival has also taken place in the States, England has produced a thrash band that can compete with the best of them and even in some cases surpass the old guard. Not to shabby for a region more known for NWOBHM, Cradle of Filth, and My Dying Bride which are pretty big departures from the thrash arena. So now we come to the third release ‘Five Serpent’s Teeth’ and honestly for any new thrash bands that are coming into their existence, take note, this is how thrash metal should be done.

What You Can Expect: Five Serpent’s Teeth continues on the same path of of classic Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, and in other cases Sepultura and Testament worship. Matt Drake’s vocals have improved substantially on here and overall you can expect some thundering, crunchy riffs of the highest quality. There is also for the first time a ballad ‘In Memoriam’ which is to honor Mike Alexander who passed away while on tour for the second album.

The Good: There is alot of good here. The production is great. I love my thrash with heavy distortion and actually missed the deep bass and drumming from the genre until this album came out. Ol’ Drake rips and shreds throughout the album. The riffs are abundant on this album and this hearkens back to why I became a huge Metallica fan in the 80’s because every song is is chalk full of tempo changes to keep things interesting. All new thrash bands, listen up. This album is how it’s done. The chorus to Descend Into Madness is exactly how I like my thrash to sound.

The bad: There really isn’t a whole lot bad with Five Serpent’s Teeth other then the fact that some songs are not as good as others which is typical of most albums. I’d really like the band truly to forge their own identity on the next release because it’s evident they have all of the tools in place. The classic thrash sound has been perfectly replicated now is the time to put a new flair on it for the future. Evile’s own stamp if you will.As it stands many of the tunes on here sound like they should have been on and Justice For All by Metallica though the production on FST is far superior to that classic album.

Favorite Tracks:In Memoriam, Descend Into Madness,Cult

So overall it’s a fantastic release. I’m greatly amused that a British thrash band is kicking the crap out of most of the bands here from the States in terms of quality music. I’m waiting on my favorite thrash band in Testament to release something here before the year is out but for now Five Serpent’s Teeth has got to be my favorite thrash album of the year so far. Good show! To close out here is one of my favorite tracks that the guys were kind enough to make a video for. I bring you ‘Cult’.


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