Behemoth’s New Video For ‘Lucifer’ Is Full Of Evil Music, Stunning Visuals….and Boobs.

I bet that got your attention, eh? Seems like cancer opened up the floodgates on the creativity of Behemoth if the rest of the album ‘Evangelion’ is anything like the song ‘Lucifer’.*Update* It goes to show how little of Behemoth I know about. I just find out that Evangelion was released in 2009. So I guess Nergal wanted to come back with a bang by making a badass video for this song. Not only is the song epic and evil just how I like my extreme metal but the video is too. Who says the modern video art form is dead? Watching this video made me feel like I was watching a reboot of Hellraiser to some extent.And yes there is a silicon babe butt nekkid in this video too. I don’t know, I might have to go back over the catalog and see if my tastes have changed to be more accommodating to Behemoth but I do know this song doesn’t seem to have the over processing of the vocals that earlier stuff had. I’m digging this at least. NSFW video after the jump.


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