Want to See Bring Me the Horizon Get Attacked Onstage? Of Course You Do.

I admit that Bring Me the Horizon along with all of their scenecore peers have very punchable faces. And BMTH has some terrible fucking music. But in no way do I condone getting up onstage and attacking the bandmembers. I guess this happened in Utah of all places though it’s not surprising as sheltered they are out there that this is what would pass for a metal show there. And from reading comments on the video this bunch was stirring up shit all night by starting fights in the pit and throwing bottles at Oli Sykes. It finally came to a head in the video clip you’re about to see. Props to the pasty kids for fighting back including wielding a guitar and for coming out later to finish the set.

Look if you don’t like the band, then don’t go. The less money you spend on them the less likely they’ll come around. But don’t pay money to pick fights with the clueless fans and the shitty band themselves. The goal is to look less like an ass then the band and the people that like them, idiots.


0 responses to “Want to See Bring Me the Horizon Get Attacked Onstage? Of Course You Do.

  1. I hate to say it, but those dingleberries throwing full bottles of water at random would be enough to piss me off.. if I wasn’t as old and fat as I am now, I probably would have crawled on stage an punched one of those whiny bitches in the gob!

  2. The water being thrown was in response to what was happening in the crowd. It wasn’t part of the show. I think you’re still scarred from the Dragonforce show:P

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