Official Cause of Jani Lane’s Death: Alcohol Poisoning

I hate TMZ. I hate what they stand for but dammit if it wasn’t for them would we even get news closure like this? So yes TMZ is reporting that the LA coroner is determining that Jani died from alcohol poisoning which doesn’t surprise me because he was found with a half empty bottle of vodka. A note was also found in the room that merely said “I am Jani Lane” so it’s left to wonder if he committed suicide by downing a bottle. I’ve virtually had vodka straight one time in my life and I swore it off from here on out. That stuff is sick with how bad it can fuck you up. News like this is always a bit hard because in their heyday, bands like Warrant were always surrounded by the party. Women, drugs, and fame and once all of that dried up alot of them like Jani could not cope. No money, looks fading, no friends because the people calling you friend were just there for the party. Jani Lane’s life is a sobering(pun intended) look at what success did bring to musicians at the height of the recording industries powers. R.I.P. Jani Lane.


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