James Murphy's Brain Tumor Has Returned

According to Blabbermouth the tumor that James Murphy battled 9 years ago has resurfaced at an alarming rate. Here is his official statement:

“Some troubling news for me in the last couple days. The bloodwork that was done recently revealed that the hormone indicator for the tumor I battled and defeated nine years ago is now 20 times higher than the low it reached as recently as one year ago. This could be indicative of a recurrence. Next step is an MRI, scheduled for the 11th of this month, to determine how much the tumor has grown. I am keeping a positive attitude about it and just moving forward.”

It goes without saying that James Murphy is one of the most important people in extreme metal. He has played or produced for tons of bands many of them legendary such as Testament, Death, and Obituary. Just go to his Wikipedia page to see where he’s popped up over the past few decades and it’s mind boggling. Not to mention his production work for Lazarus A.D. and Vehemence among others.Though it’s ironic that the bands he’s played for play music about the enemy he is battling once again it would be a huge blow to tons of people if something really bad was to happen. His friend Deron Miller of Cky is attempting to raise funds for James on his Facebook page though no link was given. So whatever gods you pray too or just by the force of will send out your positive energy and best wishes to an extremely individual that needs all the help he can get at this difficult time.


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