25 Years Later and Axle Rose Still Hasn't Grown Up.

I was reading this on Blabbermouth this morning and I am just completely clueless as to how Axl Rose lives with himself. I also wonder if he has a separate tour bus and/or dressing room reserved solely for his ego. Taking the stage late back in the hay-day of the 80’s scene may have been acceptable and even expected back then. These days a lot of venues and cities have a noise ordinance and curfew that they have to follow or be fined and apparently Axl, like the honey badger, ‘don’t give a fuck.’

Not only is Axl ruining shit for himself, but for his hired ‘Guns’. His butt-buddy Sebastian Bach tries to stick up for Rose’s lateness by saying that he has to warm up his vocals so he can sing the classics such as “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, but let’s be honest, Axl doesn’t have that kind of range anymore and when he tries, he sounds like shit, like he does live in all of his new songs. Personally, I think he needs to face reality and hang it up. The days of being a rock-star diva are over and Axl needs to realize that he’s just a person and not some god-like entity that he thought he was back in the 80’s.


One response to “25 Years Later and Axle Rose Still Hasn't Grown Up.

  1. And this type of behavior is why this month’s poll is in effect. Because once again, Axl Rose does not care what the fans think. It’s not his fault that most likely fans payed a ton of cash and spent hours waiting for the show to start before the scheduled time only to have to wait an additional two hours for a set of songs that are 25-30 years old by a group of guys that band hopped throughout the 90’s until they got this gig behind one of the most socially stunted frontmen in history.

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