Ihsahn – Unhealer featuring Mikael Akerfeldt

In 2010, I was late to the game when it came to Ihsahn and his ‘After‘ album. After hearing all the rave about After, I finally got curious and decided to see what all the buzz was about. Man, that would have probably made my top ten list of 2010, just like it did so many others. Ihsahn, in case you are not aware, is the singer for iconic Norwegian black metal band Emperor. He has also done three solo proggy blackish metal albums, The Adversary (2006), angL (2008) and After (2010), which are superb. While Ihsahn’s solo album feature his signature black metal screams, they also feature him singing cleanly and along with amazing musicianship with classical and prog influence, make for very nice listens. The video-song below is a beautiful tune from 2008’s angL and it features Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt on vocals. You can check out more of Ihsahn’s work at Ihsahn.com.


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