Scion A/V Is Giving Away The New Immolation 'Providence' EP For Free

I’ve been on a death metal kick for the past few weeks. And I’m not talking about the boring brutal crap that borders on grind but of the Abysmal Dawn variety. And as I write this up I have literally just started listening to Immolation thanks to Metalsucks giving the heads up about their new EP being released for free on Scion A/V. Yes I said that right. The makers of Scion vehicles have an audio and video website full of ….well… and video stuff. And someone there is a serious metalhead because damn…..technical death metal and not Usher or Lady Gaga. Anyway, yes I’m just now listening to Immolation even though they’ve been around forever and thanks to the shift in my musical taste I can gladly say this band kicks major ass. At least the new EP ‘Providence’ does. I now really want to go over the back catalog and check it out. In the meantime if you’re a death metal fan and want free legal stuff head over to Scion and get yourself a copy. In the meantime since I’m actually in the market for a new vehicle I might just go check out a Scion as a return favor for this kind of stuff. You, on the otherhand get to enjoy the first released video from Providence for the track ‘Illumination. Enjoy.


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