Everyday I’m Shuffling


Hah! See what I did there, I took a famous rap song (Early 2000’s) and made it relevant to what I’m about to talk about. Clever Girl. Well what am I talking about? I’ll tell you. I’ve seen Scott and Rob do there own posts where the put shuffle on their iPods and just talk about the songs that happen to pop up. Well I’m gonna do the same. And since you guys haven’t heard from me in a while(I think), I’m doing this for you. You’re Welcome. Also, my iPod is diverse, so expect to hear something that might not be metal, results may vary. I’m only going to do about 5 songs, or 6 if you’re lucky, because it’s 6am here in Ohio and I got nothing else better to do. So dive in with me into my intricate layers of my iPod.

Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun

Ah! Excellent! We start off with a good song by a group I admire. I used to not really listen to because you know, it’s not really metal, until I met my good friend today Dave. He showed me how awesome Soundgarden is and every since then I’ve been hooked, purchasing their latest album Telephantasm. Obviously fueled by their down tuned grunge riffs, this song showcases a kick ass solo, a trippy verse riff, a catchy and spacey chorus, and lyrics about the end of the world. In my books Soundgarden, you’re alright.


Mastodon – Workhorse

I believe it is no secret that I LOVE Mastodon. It’s only fair we go back to their first LP Remission blasting off with a kick ass riff full of hate and anger. Full of angry ass vocal screams, jazzy drum fills, and hardcore riffs that are made to fuck shit up. And I am by no means a hardcore fan, but this album kicks ass and this is one of my favorite songs to thrash to and break shit. It’s a fast song from beginning to end full of adrenaline, and at the end creates a bridge leading to Ol’ Nessie.

Rammstein – Liebe ist Fur Alle Da

Starting off with fast picking and snare drum hits, this is actually not one of my favorites off of their latest album. I’ve been a fan of Rammstein ever since Sehnsucht and I think I always will be. Full of catchy riffs and German vocals about sodomy and S&M. Cracks me up. I also enjoy Till’s vocals, to me he has this very powerful voice that can command armies and destroy people.

Opeth – Weakness

I hate to admit it. I am not a real big fan of Opeth. I know it sounds like blasphemy to some people, but they have never interested me with their mix of death and prog metal. Really the only album I can enjoy by them is Damnation, but then I have always been a fan of depressing music. My favorite part about this song are the keys, and how he layers his voice with it mixes perfectly with the song.

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

Led Zeppelin. ‘Nuff said.

Iron Maiden – Powerslave

And we come to our last song that I will do, and what a treat. I am an “eh” fan of Iron Maiden, there are songs that I love, and songs that I will hit skip. However this song, I love. With their eerie intro, the thick bass line, the crushing drums, guitar riffs that borderline thrash, and powerful solos. And plus this album is probably my favorite in the Iron Maiden collection.

So there you have it, maybe I’ll do another one, maybe not. You’re Welcome.


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