Dominia Has Been Up To Quite A Bit When I Wasn't Looking

I’ve spoken quite a bit about this Dominia from Russia in the past and the biggest concern I had was why they weren’t getting signed by at least European labels. I guess there is still a stigma about Russia though the Cold War ended decades ago. I’d like to think the metal scene there is pretty hefty if someone would give them a chance. And while I was perusing Facebook today I ran across the above promo pic on their page and figured there was some stirring going on over there. Yeah I’d say so. It appears they’ve recently acquired a new drummer in Pavel Lohknin and are currently working on their third full length album which is to be entitled ‘Theophany’. Here is the demo of a new track from that album entitled ‘Shadow of the Lost Prophet’ and though it’s rough around the edges (hence the word demo) it appears to have the trademark sound that drew me to Dominia in the first place with the blackened vocals intermixed with strings. Check it out and if you’re intrigued head over to their Facebook page and give them a like so they can actually get enough people to register the Facebook page properly. Personally I’m glad the band is still being active and am looking forward to some new material.


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