Pit of Hell: A Review of Anthrax and Testament in L.A. From Someone Who Has Never Listened To Thrash

For this show review I thought it’d be fun to do something a bit different. Now from time to time I’ve had people do guest reviews of shows they went to and usually from people I know personally but don’t necessarily want to contribute to That Devil Music. I’ve had Alice in Chains reviewed and the Warped tour reviewed. But never have I had someone review a show that was completely unfamiliar with the genre of music they were attending the show for.

Until now…

You see, my friend and co worker Eudora attended The Anthrax/Testament show in L.A. last night and she had never in her entire life ever listened to thrash metal. In fact, Eudora is more of a R&B,hip hop, and rap sort of gal. Now she grew up in L.A. and is familiar with some names from the L.A. scene’s heyday but as for listening to any of the music. That’s a big negative. Here’s a girl who listened to Bobby Brown and hung around C.C. Deville if you catch my drift. So while she was supposed to be down there for a conference associated for work she informed me that her friends hooked her up with tickets to the Anthrax/Testament show. My jealousy aside since I could not attend the show in San Fran, I thought it would be fun if she reported back her impressions of not only hearing metal for the first time but thrash at it’s (arguably) finest. And she went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did she report back her impressions but included pics. So sit back and enjoy a thrash metal show from a non thrash metal person who just may have been converted.

*Update* Here is Eudora prior to the show. She’s on the right with her friend,Treasa. You can tell who is the veteran metalhead of these two right?

I’m not sure if Death Angel or Chimaira were not good enough to commentate on but we start with Testament. The above pic was the better of the two she sent me and I’m not sure if this was in between songs or what but she swears it’s Testament and here is what Eudora had to say about them.

Testament was awesome! Hard hitting vocals…on key, the whole time, with gutteral incredible vocals. The drummer was insane and he was a pleasure to listen to. They put on a good show and I would hear them live any time!!! The whole crowd was on their feet and gave standing ovation after each song! Awesome show and as soon as the drums and guitar hit it was amazing!

I do believe Anthrax was her favorite as she had more to say about the group beginning with this.

Anthrax! They did fight’em first…kicked ass and the drummer is beyond insane!!!

Now before you troll nimrods start commenting that the song titles are wrong……the fact she came close to getting them right is an achievement of itself. Remember she’s never listened to these bands before.

When trapped in a mosh came on everyone was standing chanting along with the song…air guitar everywhere! Dearly loved song for sure! The drummer keeping tempo for everyone!!!damn! He is the star…along with lead guitarist and his insane solo on this song.

Now this is by far my favorite part.

Fight for the Indians came on and I’ve never seen so many grown people banging their heads in my life! As a black chick who loves R&B, this totally trips me out! Is this how the caucasian persuasion dances to their music…?!!!! LOL…it is with as much feeling as ever that’s for sure! i found myself joining in and had to stop for fear of a headache! LOL…the band had everyone on there feet the whole time, banging their heads and throwing the gang sign of metal! LOL!!! Was a sight to see and hear with the heart thundering music and dramatic stage lights….and then came the song off their new album…In the End!!!! It was Dramatic, deep grove! A beat that was the shit!! I loved it and was on my friggin feet! Insane…and their presence on stage was awesome! The bassist has his own funky foot moves. Fun to watch! LOL!

As a proud member of the cracker race I would like to say that white folks dance just as badly to other forms of music and I’m pretty sure people are so uncoordinated that they would mess up headbanging too. Just the idea of Eudora headbanging makes me giggle though. And then we come to the showstopper…literally.

Joey, got flattened by the guards trying to get the guy who jumped on the singer….and the guitarist! Then it was a mad moshj on the stage…and poor lead singer got back on stage….while everyone chanted fuck him up, fuck him up! About the guy who jumped on stage who started it! Then they started chanting JOOOOEEEY! And then joey said a few words and had to go back off stage due to something…maybe hurt in the ma lay. So the band played some music to appease the crowd till he came back and sang AIR!!!

So not only her first thrash show but one of those rare times that drama unfolds onstage either by someone being an asshole and running up there or shit being thrown at the band and the set stops. Welcome to metal, Eudora! Anyways once I read that I had to find video on it and Youtube does not disappoint.

Apparently this was during the encore even. What a fucking tool. Anyways, what do you guys think? Should we make Eudora an official honorary metalhead? I think she did a great job honestly and from what I gathered some of the setlist was:
Fight Em’ Till You Can’t
Caught in a Mosh
In the End
Metal Thrashing Mad

So again thanks Eudora for this and maybe we’ll here from you again on the next death metal show that you get roped into going to. Or not.


0 responses to “Pit of Hell: A Review of Anthrax and Testament in L.A. From Someone Who Has Never Listened To Thrash

  1. Cool piece. She definitely deserves at least a pledge status. I don’t believe in instant honoraries, though. I mean, we have a gang sign, you know. šŸ˜‰

  2. “Trapped in A Mosh” literally made me giggle. In The End is certainly a killer track. It was great to see that she had a good time. She obviously has a thing for drummers.

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