The New Hemoptysis Video For M.O.D Is Out Now.

As the self proclaimed official shill for our buds in Hemoptysis I’d like to present the new video I reported was in the making a awhile back for the track M.O.D. This song has to be probably my favorite on the album Misanthropic Slaughter because it incorporates many elements of metal I’m currently into. Great soloing and tasty riffs with Skeletonwitch style vocals. The video was made by the same production crew as Shadow of Death and I believe it’s the same location but the camera work is much more polished this time. Hey dudes, for the next video see about cutting over to a storyline type video if the budget calls for it. Regardless check this out and if this song doesn’t make you a fan (provided you’re into this type of metal to begin with) then I don’t know if there is any help for you.

As always you can head over to their official site and pick up your copy of Misanthropic Slaughter.


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