Death Angel’s Guitar Tech Badly Beaten And Needs Donations For Recovery

I guess you can say that this tour with Anthrax, Testament, and Death Angel has not been a smooth one. Especially in terms of interactions with the general populace. First some jackass gets onstage in L.A. which leads to Joey Belladonna getting knocked on his ass, and now news has been spreading on Facebook from the bands on this fun little event. Apparently while in Denver Death Angel’s guitar tech, Dane Wolf, was attacked by a bunch of guys up the street where the tour was being played. I’m gathering from the comments on the pages that it had something to do with asking someone to move their car so some people in a bluegrass band Dane knew could offload their equipment after a show. And it escalated from there. Regardless of the hows and why’s Dane got pretty jacked up. Enough to require attention for swelling and probably a shit load of CAT Scans and MRI’s . Here is a quote from the donation page on just what some of the medical bills are for and how bad the damage was.

My brain IS there, and looks alright 🙂 stitches come out in another week, chicks dig scars, right? I am trying a different pain medication to see if it can reduce side effects, as I am still battling major headaches as my fractures heal and the swelling subsides. I will be meeting with a specialist in Saint Louis to determine if I will require surgery to repair my orbital socket, fingers crossed.

Ouch. When you’ve got fractures on your skull you’ve been beaten pretty bad. And since thrash bands and their crews aren’t swimming in money and have no health insurance the message is being spread that donations are being sought for a $7500 medical bill. So if you want to help out your metal bros you can head over to the donation page yourself and help ease this pretty terrible situation.


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