Century Media Offering A Trick Or Treat Sampler In time For Halloween

We interrupt all of the Halloween themed videos to bring you news of a Halloween sampler provided by the first label to pull out of Spotify. That’s right, instead of being able to stream and sample music on a cloud server you can download for free 38 tracks from Century Media’s catalog and in turn buy stuff from CM Distro to validate their decision to pull their music from Spotify. Now of course this isn’t a walk in the park. Go to Century Media’s page and enter your e-mail address you want them to have and then click on a link they send you to download.It’s a pretty hefty download at almost 400 megs zipped up but includes a mixed bag of good stuff and crap depending on your tastes. But it’s Halloween and free so get to downloading free music. Some of the bands included on the sampler are the following:

Vallenfyre (Great death metal supergroup with a great debut album. I should have a review up this week)
Arch Enemy (Surprising decent album by them)
Lacuna Coil
Suicide Silence
Insomnium(Hell yeah)
Devin Townsend and a ton more. Enjoy.

0 responses to “Century Media Offering A Trick Or Treat Sampler In time For Halloween

  1. Killer comp! As an avid Lacuna Coil fan (pre-Andrea), I approve. Hails and Horns magazine is talking about putting them on the cover, though Metallica is in the running for that too. I mean I love Metallica, but who isn’t going to be covering their anniversary stuff? I’d love to see LC on that shit. They’re doing a poll:

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