Abysmal Dawn Debuts A New Video Submitted By A Fan. It’s Pretty Awesome.

I’d like to credit Abysmal Dawn for kick starting my fixation with death metal of late. Actually a more technical melodic yet brutal form of death metal to be precise. The band is gearing up for a support slot on Obscura’s U.S. tour and to kick it off they held a video contest where fans would make a music video for the track “My Own Savior” off their most recent release Leveling the Plane of Existence and submit it to Metal Injection. And the winner put together a kick ass video that is very dark and professional looking. Guitarist and vocalist Charles Elliot had this to say about the video:

“What can we say other than this guy really impressed us with this video! The dark religious and industrial imagery of the clip fit the song and band perfectly and the look of it is just stunning. You even see the trademark Abysmal Dawn eclipse which was a nice touch as well. Great editing and post effects make this the winner by far. Truly proud to call this our official video. We’re drinking and partying with this guy for sure when we see him on our tour with Obscura!”

This guy has a future in filmmaking for sure. After the jump is the video and a good example of what I look for in the death metals.


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