Devil Music A-Z: Nevermore

My how time changes things. If I had posted this last year or the year before when it should have been done it would have been a completely different piece. You see, back then Nevermore was completely intact and anticipation was high for a new album in the wake of a long wait post-This Godless Endeavor. I had put Nevermore up there as one of my favorite bands after being sold a few years prior on just what a powerful and unique band Nevermore was. But now as I write this Nevermore is in a sort of limbo in the wake of the departures of Jeff Loomis and Van Williams. Warrel Dane has decided to shift his focus on reviving Sanctuary and then when that itch is scratched supposedly he will figure out what to do with Nevermore. Personally I can’t see it being the same.

I fully believe after listening to Nevermore’s catalog that the band was ahead of it’s time and stuck in an era for the most part where it was easy to be overlooked. Grunge was dead, MTV stopped promoting music, most bands went back in the underground, The Big Four lost their balls, and Pantera was on everyone’s mind. I get it is hard to grasp Warrel’s vocal style as it did take me a few listens to get. But here was a band that left people trying to place them in a genre and being unsuccessful. You had thrash, progressive, blast beats,and flirts with a bit of power metal all mixed into a dense metal stew. And I love it. And just when people started to get the band there was a long lay off of 5 years and the last album was kind of a disappointment as it seemed they were just going through the motions. I think to much time was spent in between releases and as it was later revealed tensions in the band broke open as health started to deteriorate. This whole thing has the makings of a great tragedy depending on what happens to the future. But regardless there is a wealth of music to go back too and hopefully one day the popularity of this band will explode. In the meantime after the jump is some songs that converted me into the fan. Hopefully they will you too if you aren’t already.

Off of Obsidian Conspiracy and probably my favorite track.

Another favorite off of Dead Heart in a Dead World.

A good example of not being pigeonholed in a genre. This song hits all kinds of styles and tempos.

Probably my favorite track on my favorite album.


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