Devil Music A-Z: Nightwish

Much like these A-Z’s it’s been awhile since I wrote about anything with estrogen in it. Closing out the N category is the band Nightwish. I’ve had a bit of an odd journey with this band. I became aware of them at a time when I was first getting reacquainted with what was happening in the metal scene in the early part of the millennium and thought it was odd that a band had an operatic singer at the forefront. At first I thought it was a corny gimmick and was prepared to move on but something drew me back. Probably the integration of symphonies and production is what did the trick. I went back and listened to the catalog and except for the somewhat terrible debut there was actually some pretty good music here. Tarja’s vocals took some getting used too but I found I quite enjoyed the music. Not too long later though Tarja left the band and replacement Annette Olzon was brought in and honestly my interest in the band pretty much waned from there. Annette’s vocals did not match the music except for slower ballads.Now they’re gearing up for a new album called Imaginerium which from all indications looks to be an even more over ambitious project which ties in to a Finnish movie they are working on too. I haven’t bought into the hype machine of this to much because the information I’m being inundated with on it is a bit overwhelming so most likely I’ll do a review when I get it and move on. In the meantime after the jump is some of my favorite tunes that will highlight what drew me to the band. Some of it’s cheesy but whatever, anyone that denies liking something cheesy is most likely a liar just trying to save face.

Without a doubt my favorite song. This is a video edit as the original track is over 6 minutes.

This was actually the first version of this song I ever heard. I know, someone as old as me should probably be ashamed but hey these things happen.

One of the best ballads I’ve heard in recent years.



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