Lou Reed and Metallica Played A Song Live On the BBC. Hilarity Ensued.

While other sites have just gone on and on about the album Lulu and how terrible it is I’ve pretty much ignored it. I can’t stand Lou Reed and Metallica has been for most of the last 20 years been a trainwreck. But album sales are being released for last week and Lulu sold a whopping 13,000 copies which is pretty low even considering alot of people were still suckered that Metallica was on this thing. The big question was if this show was going to go on the road and though I haven’t heard of any mini tours or anything The PRP dug up video of the duo playing a couple of songs live on a BBC talk show Later….with Jools Holland. Because the British have always been more keen to the hipster bullshit then the U.S. has. And let me tell you there is some fun to be had with this.

First of all here is a track off Lulu called Iced Honey.

Lou Reed looks like some old fart that the band brought up to sing a song that he had no idea how to sing. Warbling with no sense of melody or harmonies, just rambling about absolutely nothing. James Hetfield must be having a mid life crisis with the tats and the faux hawk which is sort of popular with douchebags these days. And then there is Lars furiously playing the drums like this is the most ferocious song he’s ever played in his life. I honestly can’t look at Lars anymore without thinking I’m watching this guy instead.

Kirk is just kind of there but Robert Trujillo. Dude, is this what you thought you’d be signing up for when you were offered the job by Metallica? I think it’s a valid question and I seriously would not blame him for jumping ship in the next few years. Holy Hell this is awful. There is another vid that was posted doing a cover of a Velvet Underground tune but I’ll just leave you all with this. I’m not THAT mean to you all.


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  1. Ok. I’ve obviously heard about this project for a long time, and though I still have a soft spot in my heart for Metallica, I’ve made it a point to NOT listen to this. I had it in mind to file this next to St. Anger and give the guys another mulligan. That being said, and this being the first time I’ve heard this travesty (as well as Lou Reed sing), I can say in all honesty that I would rather jack off using a mixture of habanero sause and herpes infused anal leakage while eyeballing a nude photo shoot starring the Golden Girls than listen to this EVER again! Holy fuck!

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