Devil Music A-Z: Overkill

I have a confession to make. I’m extremely late to the Overkill party. Now I don’t mean that I have just recently heard of the band or anything because I remember Overkill getting some plays on Headbangers Ball back in the good old days. What I mean about being late to the party is actually being a fan. Overkill was another one of those bands that I decided to check out around the time 2007’s Immortalis was being released to see if I’d enjoy them and find out what I had missed. And wow…..I’m still not sure how I let them pass by all those years. Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth has a vocal style I’ve always enjoyed in the vein of Zetro Sousa, Brian Johnson, and to even a gravveler extent, Udo Dirkschneider. The good thing is I have a wealth of music to always fall back on without the fatigue of 20 + years of listening to the same band. Because holy hell Overkill was prolific. It’s also interesting from a fresher perspective to check out the evolution of the band from let’s be honest a cookie cutter thrash band in the early 80’s to some unique shrieking thrash band in the late 80’s to a more groove metal thing throughout the 90’s until the last album Ironbound put it all together and ended up being one of the best thrash albums in years. And the lyrical style is always interesting because the rough and tumble style that you don’t see in other bands. There is no real social political aspect which is refreshing. It’s like every song you’re listening to some tough guy biker just go off about what ever comes to mind or telling stories of the good old violent days. I may not be as well versed on the Overkill as many people are but I still enjoy any track that comes across my shuffle and would love to see these guys live one day. After the jump is some of my favorite songs.

Probably the breakthrough song. This video got a lot of Headbangers Ball love.

First video I remember seeing of Overkill.

Probably my favorite track. It has so many elements like a bluesy intro and just a chunky groove to it throughout.

A more recent track that I dig.

And of course I can’t let this post be done without posting something from Ironbound. This song just rips.


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  1. Overkill was one of the first thrash- and in fact one of the first metal- bands I listened to as a kid. I was ten when ‘The Years of Decay’ came out (according to Wikipedia), and I remember riding with a friend to Boy Scout camp (I guess this would have been the following summer, 1990), listening to that tape in the car (being driven by one of the less conservative parents, obviously).

    At the time I thought “E.vil N.ever D.ies” was possibly the greatest thing to ever attack my ears, from the very first time I heard it. This was the same summer that Faith No More’s “Epic” exploded onto MTV, and I’d have to say a combination of those two bands/songs really contributed to the person I became.. 20 years down the road now.

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