Devil's Review: Misfits – The Devil's Rain

I haven’t been a long time Misfits fan. I got in to them through a Friend some 15 years ago. He always swore by them that they were awesome and I never really latched on until I attended a live show in 1995 or 1996 with Michael Graves fronting the band. I had actually attended the show to see Anthrax and Cannibal Corpse at Hammerjacks in Baltimore, Maryland. We arrived kind of late and I missed Cannibal Corpse. Anthrax with John Bush put on a great show, but when the Misfits came on, it was like love at first sight. The energy of the band and the crowd had me in awe.

The following day I approached my [best] friend and inquired as to borrow a misfits CD. He let me borrow Collection 1 and Walk Among Us and it was pretty much over from there. It was almost as if I was always a fan. I would continue to go out and buy anything and everything Misfits. I had seen the infamous Crimson Ghost skull before; the first time on the arm of the late Cliff Burton and I really dug the tattoo and knew it was a logo of sorts from the band [Misfits]. I never embraced it before becoming a fan though. I wasn’t the type to wear a logo of something that I wasn’t a true fan of. After becoming a fan of the band, it became something that I would wear, draw, whatever, anywhere and everywhere.

I knew the huge difference between the Glenn Danzig era Misfits and the then current band. American Psycho had not dropped yet, but I was very content with liking the band in its original form as well as its newly resurrected form. American Psycho dropped in 1997 and I found an advance promo copy at a record store in San Diego, California. I loved it. It was a modern, more metal version of the Misfits. I saw them perform two more times with my friend and we were very content with the new album, although nothing can really touch the original era and songs.

Famous Monsters came out and it was complete garbage in my opinion. Sometime afterward, Michael Graves left the band as well as Doyle. I still followed the band and I was curious as to what this would bring. Project 1950 was kind of cool. A new twist on classic mid-1900 songs with Jerry only fronting the band, along with Dez from The Ramones and some other dude on drums. I kind of gave up on them from there, as far as following the band for new music. They had became “meh” and the Misfits seemed more of a shell of what once was. I had completely lost interest; that was until I saw The Devil’s Rain on a local record store shelf. I hoped that it would restore my faith in the modern band.

The Devil’s Rain has an amazing album cover, as you can see from the above image. Unfortunately, that is all it has. The songs are bland, the singing is boring and the guitar riffs and solos are sub-par. Now I know that I shouldn’t expect a lot as far as guitar work goes from a Misfits album, but this is mediocre at best. I don’t even know how to go about describing the songs any more than I already did. One person on Facebook said that this is a bunch of “Scooby Doo” songs. That is probably the best that it can be described. While completely listenable, it’s a snoozer. Jerry Only just doesn’t have what it takes to be an energizing frontman for a band whose legacy was, um, brutality.

What the Misfits have to do is bring in a new lead singer that has the frontman talent to be an energizing aura and to bring life back in to the band. Honestly, the best thing for the band would be to get the 1995 lineup back and go from there, cause this one is not working. I think we have pretty much given up on a Glenn reunion and I’m cool with that. It’s just that this is not the Misfits–this is ownership of a name and a tainting of a legacy.

Bottom line: The album art is really cool, but the album is a big disappointment. This is why people illegally download music. Honestly, I want my money back.


4 responses to “Devil's Review: Misfits – The Devil's Rain

    • You put in words what I could not. Great review as well. It is a shame that a lot of people now see Misfits, Mk3 as you call them, as a total joke. I hate to say that this record does nothing to prove them wrong.

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