News To Make Me Sad. Lisa Johansson Has Decided to Leave Draconian

I’m pretty bummed about this. Draconian as a whole is one of my favorite bands of recent years and a large part of that is the fantastic vocals of Lisa Johansson to balance out the superb vocals of Anders Jacobsson. She doesn’t over sing and has enough of a rock edge to her vocals that makes every song interesting. There is no over the top operatic singing just a nice melding of melodies and harmonies to each song she sang on . But today it was announced that she has decided to step away from Draconian and actually made that decision last month. Her motives for doing so are about as pure as you can get. A new baby and like many people from Scandinavia she has a full time job that takes away from being able to devote enough time and energy into being in a band….a metal band more specifically because let’s face it this gig makes no money. Not enough to support a family that is. The band is going to be hard pressed to find a successor that will appeal to me as much as Lisa’s presence did. But I wish her luck in her future endeavors and with her family. After the jump is the press quotes and a couple of songs that highlights what she brought to the band.

From the band:

Late October Lisa announced to her fellow band members she’d decided to leave Draconian starting as soon as possible. It had been on the table for some time.

It’s with sadness we state this message. Lisa has, since her appearance on the Draconian demo “Dark Oceans We Cry”, continued to astonish and melt thousands of people’s hearts over the years with her emotional vocal. The addition of Lisa is what helped us to get our long awaited record contract. We are very aware what she has meant to our band and the legacy she’s left us with.
We are further sorry about all fans that never got the chance to see this line-up of Draconian; a line-up that made Draconian what it is today. This bad news will however NOT mean the end for us. The band is determined to enter a new era of productivity and artistic expression.

Lisa’s appearance with Draconian at the 9th edition of Metal Female Voices in Belgium became her last show with the band. It’s a worthy end of an almost 10 year calling and a beginning of something new for Draconian.

Our profoundest appreciation and gratitude to our friend Lisa Johansson for these years working together. We wish her and her family the best possible for the future.

Underneath, read Lisa’s good bye letter


From Lisa:

“It’s hard for me to write this; something I have thought about for a long time. I have argued with myself back and forth but have finally come to the conclusion to leave Draconian.

So why? One of the reasons are that since I had my son I feel I don’t want to, for emotional reasons, go away on longer trips to perform. I count the hours until I’m back again. Another reason is that I have a demanding job six days a week, and this leads to, along with having a child to care for, that I have difficulties finding passion and energy to engage myself in Draconian to the extent I should.

It’s actually with a heavy heart I sit and write this. I don’t want to give up either my fans or the guys in Draconian, but I feel I have to prioritize my family.
I don’t need a sobbing and weepy farewell with the members of Draconian. I will keep meeting them, but it’s the thought of you who are listening to all our songs and all you whom I’ve met on our shows which is the hardest to let go of. To all of you I want to say Thank You! I will carry all the memories with me and all of you in my heart always. And a part of me will always be ‘Lisa in Draconian’. “

/Lisa Johansson


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