Free Metal: Dia De Los Muertos – Satanico Dramatico

Looking for some free and legit music to download? Of course you are. Looking for a latin death metal band fronted by a beautiful woman? Probably not, but it’s what you get here and it’s pretty damn cool. Dia De los Muertos (Translates to Day Of the Dead) is a five piece band out of Los Angeles, California on Cinismo Records. Most of us in the metal blogging community know Loana dP Valencia from Nuclear Blast and fronts DDLM with a vengeance. As a person that usually does not care for female fronted death metal bands, I really dig her style and vocals on this record.

Along with Loanna is Alfonso Pinzon  on drums, Andres Jaramillo  on guitar, Adrian Villanueva also on guitar, and Alejandro Corredor on Bass and guitars. Originally released in March of this year, Satanic Dramatica features guest vocals by the legendary Jeff Walker (Carcass), as well as Maldito X (Tony Campos of Static X) and a handful of vocalists from other L.A. based bands. The album has actually been available for free for quite some time, but I’m just now getting around to listening.

As you can see with the song titles, there is a significant amount of Spanish in the lyrics, but that shouldn’t stop you from listening to the album, especially considering its price of…nothing. I highly recommend it. Get it for free at and follow them on Facebook.

Dia De Los Muertas – Satanic Dramatico

1. Las Calaveras Del Terror
2. Plague Mass
3. Sigo Siendo El Rey
4. Death’s Embrace
5. Fresh Meat To The Grinder
6. Here Hell Rises
7. The Fifth Republic
8. Bestia De Las Mil Cabezas
9. Sigo Vivo
10. Satánico Dramático


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