Ken's Retro Pick – OZ (1984)











OZ – Is a heavy metal band from Finland formed in 1977.  I remember the first time I heard OZ. I was with my friend Rod in his green Ford Mustang on our way to pick up another friend, John. On the way to the Regency Cinemas in Pleasant Hill, Rod put in OZ in his tape deck and played the song “Turn the Cross Upside Down”. I remember the beat and total heaviness of the song and absolutely loved it.  Some of you may be asking how I remember these details from such a long time ago. Well, as we were driving away from the Regency Cinemas, I was sitting in the front passenger seat of Rod’s Mustang and my seat belt was caught in the door. We were on the move and I opened my door to release the seat belt when Rod made a hard left and I almost flew out the door (John grabbed me and prevented me from flying out the door).  Anyway, great times them 80’s.

OZ broke up in 1991 and have since reformed and played recently at the Sweden Rock Festival.  The current line up is Ape De Martini (Tapani Hämäläinen) – lead vocals (1977–1991, 2010–present), Jay C. Blade (Jukka Lewis) – bass, vocals (1982–1987, 2010–present), Mark Ruffneck (Pekka Mark) – drums (1977–1991, 2010–present), and Markku Petander – guitars (2010–present). OZ is scheduled to release a new CD this month.

I now give you the classic 1984 song, “Turn the Cross Upside Down”.


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