Pit of Hell: Judas Priest Concert Review

First, I apologize for this review being a little late, but better late than never right? I went to see Judas Priest at the Chronicle Pavilion in Concord on October 27, 2011. I was talking to Rob Liz about it and he reminded me of the conversation we had about the last time Judas Priest was touring (back when Rob Halford re-joined the band) and we were talking about how Halford just basically stood on stage, looking down and sang his songs. I didn’t care, this was the first time I saw Judas Priest and I was excited and I loved the show.  I wish Rob Liz was with me at this past show. Halford was very active, made several costume changes and was totally into the audience participation. Far cry from the last tour I saw.

As this is Judas Priest’s final tour, I was excited to see them yet sad the touring will be stopping. I was simply amazed how Halford belted out the high notes for a 60 year old sounding just as he did 30 years ago. This was evident while singing “Victim of Changes”.  Hearing the band do some old tunes as well as current stuff was a real treat for me. One thing Judas Priest did was something I have never seen at any show I have been to and that is when they introduced their next song “Breaking the Law”, Halford did not sing a single note, instead, holding the microphone to the audience as the audience sang the entire song.

Halford came out on his Harley for “Hell Bent for Leather” wearing an American/British flag which lit up the crowd. He draped the flag over the bike then belted out the song.  They encored with “Living After Midnight” and when the song ended the crowd was as electrified as they were when the show first started. While K.K. Downing is no longer with the band, replacement guitarist Richie Faulkner filled in nicely. I am hoping this will not be their final tour as this band is as young at heart and dedicated to metal as they were 30 years ago.  If this is their final tour, I want to thank them for years of great metal music and shows. You will be missed.


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  1. I’m probably going to regret not seeing their farewell tour but I also missed the Scorpions so it’s probably turning into a trend. Next up…Black Sabbath.

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