Alright! Austrian Death Machine To Release a Christmas EP.

Every year I wonder who’s going to step up to the plate and provide an album of metal songs done to Christmas tunes or at least be holiday themed and thus far no one has disappointed even if some of the material has. And it was looking grim when the biggest news was Corey Taylor and Scott Weiland were. But now I can get excited because Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying fame has decided to release another Austrian Death Machine album devoted to the holiday. Jingle All the Way is set to be a holiday lampoon of the movie of the same name which I admittedly have not seen. If you’re not familiar with this project Tim basically does a form of death metal with an Ah-nold impersonator doing voiceovers in between songs and the songs themselves are usually satires of scenes in various movies. This time this 7 inch vinyl EP is dedicated to the one movie only and will also be available as digital on December 6th. I get the gimmick can wear thin after awhile it just hasn’t for me yet. You can preorder it now here. After the jump is the trailer and holy shit I did not realize that there was also a video for “Give me your Boots”. Enjoy that as well.


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