Good Morning. Check Out Some Awesome Death Metal From Kerberos.

So I’ve stated before that I’ve been on a death metal kick of late. I’m not sure why other then I might be getting tired of some of the trends and watered down bands that have come out of late. So needless to say when our pal Tre Watson recommended the band Kerberos to me I had to give it a shot. This is a project of guitarist Nick Budosh and they are based out of Baltimore Maryland and Last Stand of the Vessel is a great first track they’ve released. Meaty riffs and I forgot to mention that Tre is doing the vocals on here and they are outstanding. Make no mistake though this is the type of death metal I dig to the nth degree. Solos are interspersed freely throughout and the blastbeats and basslines round out this track very well. If you are into death metal and dig this track you can download it for free. Nick if and when you read this, keep us updated on what’s happening with the band because yeah if the rest of your album turns out like this I will definitely pimp it out. Check it out Last Stand of the Vessel below.


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