Kamelot Released The Video for ‘Necropolis’ As Well As Future News.

I’m a bit baffled by this. Not the video which is a wierd mindfuck in itself, but that a video is released so late in the promotional cycle for an album that features a prominent frontman who has not been in the band for over a year. I suppose it’s to squeeze a bit of last minute promotion and sales for an album that was rife with drama and Kamelot suffered on tour because of it. Well regardless, here is the reminder that Roy Khan is no longer there and for one of the better songs off of Poetry for the Poisoned. In other Kamelot news it looks like the band is hitting the studio in January and are supposedly really close to picking a new singer who will lay down vocals last in the recording process. That should be interesting considering I’m STILL getting pageviews on the fact Roy left and people are STILL just now finding this out and it’s been 6 months. I hope everyone is fully aware there will be a new singer on the next album when it gets released in 2013.


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  1. Without Roy, the new album won’t really be a Kamelot album. Kamelot was nothing before Roy – it skyrocketed to the top of metal after he joined, but it’ll probably fade into obscurity again without him. How could it not? No matter who they get to replace him, NO ONE could ever have a voice as magnificent as Roy’s.

    You may be gone, Roy, but you’re not forgotten! Come back to us soon, in any form you choose.

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