Devil’s Ballot: How Would You Rate 2011 For Music?

I know, I know I skipped over November for a poll. I was going to get some feedback on Black Sabbath announcing their reunion but like everything else around here it just didn’t happen. October’s poll was for the longest time going to win out with the top answer being who is Guns n’ Roses which would have been amusing but in the end the logical answer prevailed with people not going because Slash and the other famous members weren’t going to be there.But I’m back on track mostly this month and it’s December and what better way to close out the polls for the year then to find out what you folks thought of this year in terms of quality hard rock or metal. Personally I thought it was a pretty solid year and I’m going to be gearing up with 2 or 3 lists for the first time in the sites existence and see how that goes. So vote away and let me know what you thought of this year in music.


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