Anthrax and Testament Announce A Second Leg Of A Tour Meanwhile Paul Bostaph Quits Testament Again

If you missed the first leg of the tour with Anthrax and Testament with special guest Death Angel you might be in luck as they announced a second leg of the tour. Conflicting sources state between 12-15 dates but so far only 7 have been released. And once again since I missed this show when it was in San Francisco I’ll be shit out of luck this time around too. Here are the confirmed dates.

Jan. 22 – House of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
Jan. 23 – House of Blues – Anaheim, CA
Jan. 24 – Marquee Theatre – Tempe, AZ
Jan. 30 – Orange Peel – Asheville, NC
Feb. 03 – The LC Pavilion – Columbus, OH
Feb. 07 – Ram’s Head Live – Baltimore, MD
Feb. 08 – Best Buy Theatre – New York, NY

And in other news as the banner title states it looks like Paul Bostaph has once again left Testament. I only found out about this a few days late because I had decided to clean out my massive amount of inbox e-mail and saw this. I would have thought this would have been more widely reported then it was but regardless here is my question. Why can’t my favorite thrash band hold onto drummers? It’s like that part of Spinal Tap as they go over the problems with each of their drummers dying on them except there is no deaths involved. I know Paul injured his shoulder which prevented recording the new album Dark Roots of Earth so they had to have people like Gene Hoglan fill in touring but apparently in the midst of all of that he formed a new band? There isn’t much to go off other then Testament is looking for a new drummer. Here is the press quote from Chuck Billy on this matter.

“I, Eric, Alex, and Greg want to congratulate our brother, forever, Paul Bostaph on his new band, BlackGates. And while ‘The Hands of Mayhem’ will be sorely missed from our band, we wish him the ultimate success in everything that he does in his future.”TESTAMENT is now actively seeking the heaviest drummer on the planet.

Blackgates huh? Guess I’ll have to keep my eyes and ears out for this project. In the meantime here’s to hoping that Dark Roots of Earth continues the Testament tradition of being bad ass.


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