So Is Mitt Going To Be Referred To As Kid Romney Now?

I saw this on CNN this morning and just busted out laughing. Apparently Mitt Romney wants to use Kid Rock’s track ‘Born Free’ as his campaign theme. There is just so much wackiness to this whole thing. First of all, Kid Rock is letting him use it which is funny since most candidates get shut down by the artists because well….most of the time it’s conservatives trying to use liberal band’s music and we can’t have that shit can we? But it’s even deeper then that. Mitt Romney has to be the fakest, smarmiest person on the GOP ticket. And he’s using one of the fakest,douchiest musicians songs as his theme. Kid Rock can write a catchy song but they’re still terrible even when they’re not a direct ripoff mashups of other material. The paradox of of a stiffnecked perfectly groomed politician using a redneck pimp’s music is just funny to me. The fact they’re both from Michigan is not lost on me but there are times when you know damn well that the candidate has never even heard the song before but signs on because his manager says it will be good. This could be one of those times. Here is a news article on this and after the jump is the Born Free video. See if you can count how many douchebag things you can spot in it.


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